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I work at the MCA and have been parking in the garage for years. Dewitt has always been a wonderful employee–friendly and always has a positive attitude. Last Friday, he was beyond exceptional. When I arrived at the garage I found my back tire was completely flat. I have no idea how to change a tire and Dewitt offered to do it for me. While helping me out, he continued to park other cars and take care of other patrons. He took off the flat and put on the spare in an expert manner and I was able to drive home without incident. I offered to pay him for his assistance, but he refused. I wanted to let you know what great customer service I received from him last week, and on a regular basis.

RE: Dewitt B. - Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) - Chicago

I wanted to commend the booth agent who assisted us. She went out of her way to make sure we were getting the lowest pricing even though we had lost our parking ticket during our travels.

With associates like that, we will be sure to return to your facility in the future and also recommend your service to others. She deserves to know her efforts are appreciated

Thank you again

RE: PreFlight

It was convenient, well managed, and clean.

RE: Stanwix Garage - Pittsburgh PA

We have been doing business with you for many years now and your customer service has been refreshing. You definitely make my life easier. When our construction crews go up and down you always accommodate us and I don’t have to do any follow up or make any phone calls. I just tell my guys to “go see Sheila” and I know you will take care of them. In the large scope of construction the unseen players like yourself save us time and money. So I want to thank you for always taking care of RJP Electric.

RE: Sheila N. - Stadium West St. Louis,Mo

I am writing to express my appreciation for the assistance, professionalism and friendliness of your very competent employee Calvin S. I have parked at least 3 times at the Pre-Flight parking lot at BWI airport and this was the first time anyone was able to follow through and show me how to get the coupon on line. He was congenial, funny, respectful and genuinely concerned for all the passengers in his van. He gave us lots of great advice and competently fulfills his role as chauffeur and reflects very positively on your organization as a whole. Thanks for all you do to make parking at the airport a more pleasant and predictable experience!

RE: Calvin S. - PreFlight BWI

Just a note to commend your wonderful, friendly, courteous employees!
I got lost late Friday night looking for the BWI long term parking and found PreFlight! Your ticket booth employee couldn’t have been nicer and put me right at ease. The Friday night driver Anthony D. and Sunday’s driver Jorge R. were so polite and helpful.
Thank you for your great service!

RE: Anthony D. & Jorge R. - PreFlight BWI

I know I have mentioned them before, but the team at 145 is great! I came in late today and the garage was full. They recognized me and were nice enough to l squeeze me in – I don’t want to get them in trouble for that -:) Again, they do a great job!

RE: Staff at 145 S Wells - Chicago

I am a new customer and just wanted to tell you I experienced great service tonight when I parked and took the shuttle to the terminal. I am honestly sick of completing automated surveys but Harry was so polite and accommodating that I wanted to give him a thumbs up.
Thanks! It’s great to start a trip in good spirits.
He also suggested I sign up for a frequent traveler account which I did through the iPhone app.

RE: Harry K. - PreFlight BWI