Marshall’s Message

I am pleased to launch our new website ‘Stalls and Stripes’ which replaces the print version.  This new ‘Stalls and Stripes’ website gives us the ability to connect regularly throughout the year while taking another step to reduce the use of paper.   I’ll be providing updates throughout the year, we will celebrate employee milestones, and highlight employee recognition by our customers.  We’ll include  local news and employee stories from our InterPark and PreFlight locations and get regular updates on benefits and payroll, compliance, and Employee Health and Safety.

Just as we are using web-based technology to connect as employees, InterPark and PreFlight are increasingly engaged in meeting our customers online.  PreFlight’s business has been a leader in the online marketplace, recognizing that today, most business travelers and vacationers make their flight, hotel and car rental reservations online.  PreFlight engages our customers with websites for all locations, a mobile application to accept and redeem reservations, a loyalty program, extensive digital marketing largely through google and digital surveys to gather feedback and improve our service.

And now as our city customers are increasingly looking to locate city parking online, particularly through their mobile phones, InterPark has created websites for all of our locations, established a digital marketing campaign and initiated development of a robust mobile application and loyalty program.  We are also leveraging license plate recognition technology.  Our goal is to leverage our technology leadership position and create an ‘Uber-like’ customer experience for our customers.

As with everything we do, the success of our efforts to meet our customers online depends on the InterPark and PreFlight teams to make it happen.  Our design and development efforts have been led by Ken Loeschorn, Dave Nelson and John Walsh and we have now fortified those efforts with newly hired Digital Marketing Manager Jeremy Vanisacker.   Our IT team works with our Operations Managers and vendors to implement technology at our locations.  Our front line employees help our customers through implementation and provide personal customer service to complement the advantages of technology.

As always, thanks for everything you do to contribute to the continued success of InterPark and PreFlight.