Safeguarding Your Passwords

Robust passwords that are not shared with anyone are a critical component of information security, i.e. passwords are not left out in the open (post-i​t​ on your keyboard, ​pinned to a bulletin board, inside your cabinet door, etc.).  They should be stored safely with as little chance of being discovered as possible.


Safe Storing Recommendations:​ There are many Apps for password storing.  The IT department suggest the following free Apps ​for storing Company passwords:


MiniKeePass (for Smart Phones): for iPhones, go to App Store ​icon and search – if you have another phone brand,​ within the Application function of that phone, you can also Search “MiniKeePass” and you will be taken to their version.​

KeePass (for Windows Desktop)​ : access/download at



​​Thank you for your attention to this important compliance point – if you are having issues with getting the Applications, please log a job ticket in the IT Portal.​​